Fuck thoughts and prayers. I’m angry.

Fuck all the thoughts and prayers being thrown up in the wake of the worst mass shooting in American history.

I’m angry.

I’m angry that after twenty children between the ages of 6 and 7 years old were murdered in an elementary school, we as a nation said “never again.” Yet we’ve let this sort of thing happen hundreds of times since.

I’m angry that our nation believes sitting in the comfort of suburbia while posting some “thoughtful” line on Facebook provoking prayer is acceptable instead of pushing to have a real conversation and action against hate crimes.

I’m angry that people who just days ago were posting memes and links about transgender people using the bathroom all of a sudden change their tune and show compassion when the group they couldn’t tolerate two minutes ago were shamelessly murdered.

I’m angry that we’ve become a country where we put fear and ignorance over intelligence and understanding.

I’m angry that politicians who accept millions of dollars in contributions from gun lobbyists tweet their “thoughts and prayers” while they ignored legislation to close loopholes that could help prevent something like this from happening. Because money is king.

I’m angry that said politicians are also in charge of a government organization that won’t even allow the group that was the victim of the hate crime to donate blood to help.

I’m angry that a gun called an “assault rifle” can legally be purchased. For what purpose would you ever use it for besides what it’s named for: assault.

I’m angry that society puts more emphasis and passion into sports team and events instead of standing up for tolerance for all people, living as one society. Apparently, running with balls matters more than humans.

I’m angry that a political party would choose a man who thanks people for congratulation messages about a mass murder just hours after it happened to be their nominee for President of the United States.

I’m angry that people create a bubble around them, choosing to concentrate only on what is going on down the street instead of understanding the much bigger world around them. Because being selfish and naive is much easier than seeing that not everyone is like the people in your little bubble.

I’m angry that the Lt. Governor of a state that puts guns before people feels the need to tweet words written thousands of years ago about a spiritual being that we don’t have proof of existing to spread his bullshit hateful beliefs against other people, adding to the stereotype of America.

I’m angry that in less than three weeks, the same country that would allow something horrible like this to happen without taking action to fix it will take a day off to grill burgers, shoot off fireworks and wave our flags, saying how star spangled fantastic we are.

I’m angry that we choose be part of a cycle where throwing around thoughts and prayers instead of taking action to stop what is becoming an increasing issue. It’s easier. We’ve become assholes.

Fuck thoughts and prayers.

It’s time to vote.

It’s time to volunteer.

It’s time to be an advocate.

It’s time to hug someone that is different from us and tell them we love them.