hey good lookin'... come here often?

Valentine’s Day Hot Corporate Merger-Style: A love playlist for the American/US Airways merger

hey good lookin'... come here often?
hey good lookin’… come here often?

Could the new love birds have picked a better day to announce their new planned corporate love and affection for each other???

On Valentine’s Day, American Airlines and US Airways have changed their Facebook relationship status to “In a Relationship” with plans to be “Married” once the U.S. Department of Justice approve of the couple.

In reality, it’s more like an arranged marriage to make American’s parents (creditors) happy and to keep them out of trouble (get out of bankruptcy).

Still… how fitting for them to announce the worst kept secret on Wall Street on the day when people who, um, “merge” together celebrate THEIR own connection.  (I’d say love, but let’s be honest.  For many, lust would be a better word).

So keeping with the appropriate timing, I asked the good people who spend way too much time on Facebook to help me create a Valentine’s Day playlist with a corporate merger theme in mind.

What songs could you play tonight when you’re woo’ing your other half that would also fit to play in the board rooms of American and US Airway when they sign the merger paperwork?

So.  Grab your valentine, open a bottle of wine and press play.  Here’s the best suggestions, in no particular order!

2 Become 1 – Spice Girls (my suggestion):  This was the song that was stuck in my head that sparked this idea.  I mean, love isn’t always about two people.  It’s sometimes about two corporations coming together purely out of necessity to compete and keep stockholders happy.  Right?  I mean Mitt Romney even said corporations are people!

We Go Together – Grease (suggested by Amanda):  A classic!  This could be a brilliant song to use when the employees of both companies meet up in a hangar to meet each other and share gossip about who is staying and who is going.  But first, they’ll dance to this song and pretend that everything is wonderful and great!  Just like the movies!  Team building Glee-style FTW!

Come Together – Beatles (suggested by Robyn):  I envision some of the American board getting in their Mercedes after the deal was signed, plugging their iPod in and cranking this.  A great themed stress reliever tune.  Just rock your head around and let loose.  American will survive out of bankruptcy.  Just like marriages after one of the spouses decide some person they met in a hotel bar on a business trip was the right person to make them feel better… just for one night.

You Belong with Me – Taylor Swift (suggested by Raphael):  What an ironic suggestion, but it works.  No one should play Taylor Swift in any Valentine’s-themed music list.  Ever.  The girl will just break your heart and write a song about you that will top the charts in a few months anyway.  American would write a song about how US Airways didn’t keep their promise to call every night to tell them everything will be okay through the DOJ’s approval process and they will be together.  Forever.  Go away, Taylor.

Together Forever – Rick Astley (suggested by Dutch Guy):  You’re damn right I wanted to be like a not funny Facebook person in 2008 and Rick Roll you!  Com’mon admit it.  You love this song.  And if your valentine doesn’t sing along to this with you, dump them.  Like, now.

U + ME = Us (Calculus) – 2Ge+her (suggested by Jeff):  I want to see the rich American and US Air board members get up on stage in front of their employees in their new boy band called The Wall Street Boys and perform this.  The marketing department would have a brilliant viral video on their hands.  Make this happen!  Brilliant suggestion, Jeff!

You and I – Lady Gaga (suggested by Ree):  The passion.  The heart.  The odd clothing that looks nothing like a flight attendant outfit.  You really can’t go wrong with Lady Gaga.  Plus, with her canceling her tour for health reasons, I figured Gaga could use the cash from the clicks she’s getting to help pay for things.  This is mainly a charitable addition to the list.

Happy to be Stuck with You – Huey Lewis & The News (suggested by Heather):  Not every relationship is based on love.  Let’s be honest.  We all know a couple or two that are together because one night of too many drinks led to them being, well, stuck with each other.  The merger really comes together thanks to American going bankrupt.  US Airways is there to help get them on track.  American’s creditors are happy.  It’s not a match made in heaven. But it will do.  They all have to get used to being stuck together.  Brilliant suggestion!

On the Wings of Love – Jeffrey Osborne (suggested by Goobie Debi):  When I started listening to this classic again, I envisioned a video of the two planes flying side by side in the air with this playing.  Slow motion shots.  Close ups.  Their love together is public for all to see in the sky.  Eventually, they land, both going into a hanger, door closes, and emerges a new plane with the new livery American spent millions on to develop.  Classic.

I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly (suggested by Goobie Debi):  Yes, American.  Believe it.  You WILL fly again!  Your new love is here to help make it happen.  Better days are ahead!  This is the new theme song after the merger.  Sing it and sing it loud!

THANK YOU to everyone for your suggestions!  Have one of your own that you think belongs on this list?  Wanna beat these?  Comment below!

Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂