Personality to Profit: One Post at a Time

Comedian, Humorist and National Media Personality Matt Haze is bringing his knowledge of growing a real, interactive audience in a fun, interactive and entertaining social media training program.

There’s plenty of social media training programs to teach you the basics of HOW to post. But WHAT do you post? And WHY?

Using what I’ve learned writing successful & internationally recognized social accounts like @30RockTree, I have a unique perspective on how to translate personality and intent into social media. Each person’s approach is different, depending on their personality. But the system is the same. It’s a matter of developing a person’s unique voice and being persistent with their habits.

This isn’t a boring power point lecture. I’m not going to preach. This is a FUN program! Let’s laugh! Let’s get involved! Let’s improvise! I want to leave people EXCITED to do fun and unique content that generates them business.

What you’ll learn…
1. How to create social content that fits your personality and isn’t boring.
2. How to generate business from your audience and interactions.
3. Take your personality and develop it into social content that relates to people.
4. How to grow a real audience that interacts and drives traffic and business.
5. Learn successful interaction techniques to build a real connection with people.
6. Which social platform is right for you and for you to focus your time on.
7. Leave with an action plan and steps to start using right now!

What you get…
– One hour consulting call to go over your team’s goals and needs before training. Each program is tweaked to fit your specific group’s needs.
– One day training event live in person at your location.
– Training material for attendees, including an outline for the next 12 months.
– One hour consulting call 30 days after the event to review results.

The first time I did this program, my client saw a 33% increase in traffic and interaction immediately following the program. What can this program do for you and your team?

For more information or to book the program, contact Matt today!